One of the best tools in your disposal to set the expectations for yourself and to those around you is to say “I am in training.”  For many of my patients they truly are “in training.”  Training for a first ever 5K run/walk, training for a first ever bike ride tour or training for a first ever half marathon.  For each person, no matter their experience level and their goals, such endeavors do require training.  They require preparation, practice, focus and determination well before the event itself.  And for people who are in the midst of a weight loss journey or those who are working to maintain lost pounds, the sense of being “in training” stands as an important notice to everyone that expectations are different than they are for other people or for other times of the year.

I think back to high school and college days when the athletes would sometimes use this phrase to describe their own status in preparation for the season.  It generally meant no alcohol no drug use and it also involved an understanding of a certain set of behaviors that were expected in order to maintain good standing with the team or with the sport.  So too does being in training connote certain expectations for the person losing weight and keeping it off.  It means no wild indulgences, no binge drinking no excessive consumption of desserts and treats.  No “throw caution to the wind,” eating a box of candy or a tub of ice cream.  It means dedicating oneself to valuable goals to maintain attitude of fitness and a focus on healthy eating.

So set a goal for yourself.  Make a fitness display such as a race one of your goals, make a plan to prepare and, yes, train for it.  Then when occasions arise that would pull you off your path toward a healthier weight and improve fitness, remind yourself and those around that you are in training.  It will feel good.

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