101 Medically Proven Weight Loss Tips

One of the real interesting things that I see in my profession is the big gap between clinical, evidence based research and what typically appears in the popular press and media including books, articles and other published advise. After reading a mountain of journal articles about research trials and interesting investigative studies in the field of weight loss, I came up with the idea that the depth of these findings really needed to be translated to something that was easily readable and could be really put to use by everyone.

So began “Doctor’s Orders: A Hundred and One Medically Proven Tips for Losing Weight”. Each of them stems from research articles, studies, clinical trials and the like. Basically what I have done is distilled down the critical nugget of what has been a proven, successful strategy to help lose weight. I have just put it in practical terms that any of us can use in our own journey toward better health and healthier weight.

One of the proven concept I discuss in the book is the multiplier effect. Over time the calories you eat can add up to problematic weight gain. This concept can also work in your favor when you add up the calories you don’t eat and the calories you burn. Small changes to your daily routine can lead to dramatic weight loss over time. For example, taking a flight of stairs every day burns an extra twenty-five or thirty calories. This may not seem important, but multiplied by all the days of the year adds up to several pounds lost and there are countless examples like that which I point out in the book.

With 101 weight loss tips to choose from there are plenty of good tips that can lend themselves to anyone’s daily routine.

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