A New Era of Protein Powders and Protein Shake Mix

For many years, the kind of protein powder shake mix that one could find was meant for muscle building in the gyms.  These shake mixes often had names that implied bulk and strength and growth and they were not only high in protein but were also very high in calories generally. So for a body builder or a young football player or wrestler aiming to bulk up, these shake mixes were just the ticket.

Today, more and more people are going to gyms for different reasons.  Yes, they  need to increase muscle, almost all of us do.  But increasingly, most people are also needing to burn fat and lose weight.

So the protein shake mixes must be different.  Instead of something aimed at helping a young person build muscle and build weight, this more modern shake mix must help a person build muscle while reducing weight.  So how does one do this?

The key is in the ingredients of the shake mix, as well as in the exercise performed by the person using it.  Sometimes young athletes are able to devote several hours a day toward pumping iron and building muscle. Very few adults can do that, simply because of time.  In addition, a  young athlete has typically a much higher basal metabolic rate than does the average person who needs to lose some pounds.  So the ingredients much match the person.

The ideal shake mix has now changed and takes into consideration all these factors.  One that now consists predominantly of proteins with the right amino acid mix, adds vitamins that are helpful both for muscle building and weight loss, and lastly contains low total amount of calories, serves to accomplish all the goals.  In this way, a person can benefit greatly from both the protein shakes and from their exercise regimen.  I highly recommend the protein shake mix from iMetabolic that accomplishes all of these goals with some great flavors.  Please let the creators of iMetabolic know what flavors you  might prefer or what tastes you do and don’t like about their shake mix.

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