A Real Energy Drink

A real energy drink should give good, solid energy for a period of many hours.

A real energy drink should not make you jittery and “hyper” and impair your concentration; it should focus it.

A real energy drink should definitely not lead to a short spike in energy followed by a big fall in your energy level – instead it should give good, long, sustained energy that is even.

The ideal energy drink would have a few other characteristics too. It would come from natural ingredients. It would not only provide some energy, some calories, but also some other important nutrients like vitamins and minerals. And for the vast majority of us who want energy, but not in the form of empty carbohydrate calories that lead to weight gain and obesity, it should help us maintain a healthy weight and healthy, long term energy. A true energy drink should not leave you craving more food, more calories, more energy drinks shortly after you have consumed one. It ought to provide some real, solid satisfaction. Also, an energy drink can have a little caffeine, that’s fine, but not hundreds and hundreds of milligrams of caffeine. Those kinds of doses are shown to cause tremors and make one feel jittery. They also often interfere with sleeping and actually make people more tired through the course of the week.
Oh yeah, and it should taste great.
So for my money the best energy drink is going to be a nice mixture of vitamins, minerals and natural whey protein to give a clean energy boost instead of all that sugary, make you fat and tired kind of energy that the big drink companies have promoted in the past.

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