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Before I get into the specifics about Acai berry and its usefulness in diets for weight loss or general health, let me start by offering a little perspective. I have the good fortune of working with thousands of people to lose weight and improve their health and I enjoy learning about healthy nutrition in the process. I am crazy about food and I love to eat. Let’s face it, who doesn’t. Fortunately, my job affords me the opportunity to think about foods and nutrients and how we consume them, how we interact with them.

Don’t’ get me wrong, I love the idea of “superfoods.” I think in this age of processed flour and twenty-seven different type of simple carbohydrates dominating the diet regimen of children, a dark berry superfood that contains some antioxidants offers some appeal. But here’s that perspective I promised: No exotic Brazilian berry is going to do the hard work for you. Nothing can wipe out the effects of consuming mountains of simple carbohydrates everyday. That very straightforward behavior accounts for more obesity and disease than any other single specific cause. So if you live in the United States today-or just about anywhere in the world that is not a rural third world village-then to lose weight and become healthier, you have got to set your sights on the hard work of reducing the intake of simple carbohydrates, first and foremost. Should you include Acai berries in your diet or develop an eating plan around them? Sure, if it helps you, absolutely. I also recommended blueberries and an array of other fruits and one time “Superfoods” that contain vitamins and antioxidants.

The way to put needed carbohydrates in your body is to consume berries, other fruits, legumes and whole grains. What you should avoid are all of the refined sugars, processed white flower, french fries, soda pop, white noodles, white rices and high fructose corn syrup. Make that change, and may it stick. That is the path to healthy, long term weight loss success. I have reviewed some specific studies about the Acai berries and we’ll comment on those in another post.

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