After Weight Loss Surgery

Once the weight loss surgery is completed, how do you truly maximize its success?  What are the critical secrets to losing weight effectively and in the most healthy way possible?  How can you not only lose pounds, but also feel better and have more energy?

These are some of the most important questions that are answered in my newly released e-book called, “After weight-loss surgery”.

I have had the great privilege and the unique position of serving as the Medical Director for both a nationally recognized surgical weight loss center, as well as an acclaimed medical (nonsurgical) weight loss surgery, iMetabolic or the International Metabolic Institute.  From these positions, I have had the great privilege of helping thousands of people successfully lose weight using all of the proven techniques available from every discipline.  It has given me some great insight into what truly works to successfully lose the weight and keep it off.  Some of the critical factors that are described in detail in “After weight-loss surgery” include:

  • How to adopt the life changing attitude necessary for successful weight loss.
  • What to do if your weight loss stalls or you  hit a plateau.
  • How to avoid weight regain and what to do about it if you experience rebound weight gain.
  • Every thing you must know about vitamins, minerals and nutrients after your weight loss surgery.

Each of these topics is covered based on experience from real people and also from the very latest in clinical scientific publications in the field of weight loss and weight loss surgery.  I highly recommend this publication for anyone who has had weight loss surgery or is about to have it to help serve as a blueprint for your future success.

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