Brescia Marathon

The Brescia Marathon is coming on. Brescia is a lovely town surrounding a medieval castle in Northern Italy. I pegged the date of the Brescia Marathon on my calendar beginning back in 2009 and stuck with it despite my lack of preparation and training. I wish I could say I have been training religiously and was well prepared to run a personal best, but that is not the case. The winter months and lots of work have left me just hoping I can finish in four hours. We’ll see. It will be fun and exciting and I will have to brush up on my Italian.

The day was cool, mildly overcast, probably in the low 50’s, but calm with no winds. The sun peaked out after around 9:00, which is perfect because in Italy marathons do not start at the ungodly ours of 5 and 6 A.M. No, instead they begin at the rather humane hour of 9:30 in the morning. So after an early morning check-in we crowded to the start and began.

Dr. Sasse running the 2010 Brescia Marathon

My first half split was respectable enough, 1:48, but I developed some foot soreness on the back half and slowed to a crawl coming across the finish line well over four hours. But, happily enough, I have my eye on some future races and hope that with the weather being nicer I will do a better job of preparing and training. I am sticking to my goal of a sub-3:30 marathon in 2010. So we’ll see!

The Brescia Marathon is Finished

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