So this may seem like discouraging news to some, but a recent study from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital demonstrated that average middle age women need to exercise a full sixty minutes every day in order to avoid weight gain through the course of the year. That’s right, that is the amount of exercise simply to maintain your current weight, and that is if you are currently living at a reasonably normal weight.
For a lot of women with busy lives including chauffeuring children around to schools and lessons, maintaining a household and managing their own jobs and careers, a full hour of exercise everyday is practically unthinkable. Yet, those seem to be the facts.
But what about women who are already overweight or obese (and this is becoming most women and most men)? Well, guess what, sixty minutes was actually not enough. Yes, while maintaining their regular diet, overweight and obese women would have needed to exercise more than sixty minutes a day to avoid further weight gain.

How do we use this information? Well, I have put this question to a number of women who fit the demographic of “middle age” around my own office. Most of them feel as though these data indicate they would have to undertake a major lifestyle change in order to successfully maintain weight or lose weight. An hour or more of exercise everyday simply does not fit into their current busy life and lifestyle. What sort of lifestyle change would this involve? Well, some suggest it would involve working less, not likely, given the current financial realities and the current economy. For others it would involve simply changing and reorienting one’s life toward one that acknowledges a balance and celebrates physical activity to a much greater degree. It involves orienting one’s life much more athleticism and exercise. Alternatively, or let’s call it complimentary to this idea, would be the parallel notion of reducing caloric intake. This is really the main way to maintain weight and lose weight. Keep in mind that an entire hour of exercise may burn somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 calories if done vigorously for most people. And then think how easy it is to consume 700 calories in a few quick bites.

So my advice is to focus on both: markedly reduce calories by cutting out carbohydrates and high calorie foods, drinks and snacks. Then seek to slowly incorporate more and more exercise and activity into your daily routine and aim for the full one hour of daily exercise. If you are significantly overweight or obese then you must do even more: cut calories even further and increase exercise even more. It is difficult, it’s painful, but there are tools to help.


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