Joining the ranks of celebrities that have disclosed they have undergone Lap-Band surgery is New York Jets coach, Rex Ryan and golf star, John Daly. In addition, a change is beginning to take place in the urban centers of New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas wherein celebrities including entertainers, athletic personalities and politicians are undergoing a Lap-Band procedure because it can be done discreetly and without much disclosure.

I personally feel we should applaud and encourage people like Rex Ryan who publically acknowledge their weight struggles and make no effort to conceal their efforts to lose weight. It is a somewhat delicate and complex new era that we are entering, but one that needs to be faced with courage and honesty.

Most Americans are now overweight or obese and in the future nearly all of us will be overweight or obese if current trends hold. So pursuing solutions for weight gain and obesity simply means taking care of one’s self and pursuing better health. So why should a celebrity be ashamed of this? Would they hide the fact that they took blood pressure medicines or underwent coronary artery bypass grafting surgery? Of course not, there is no stigma associated with these interventions even though they are aimed at exactly the same outcome: better health and longer life. Perhaps it is because we associated obesity with indulgence, lack of self control and lack of self discipline that we find people ashamed to volunteer information about their obesity treatments.

I would just note that it is certainly no secret when a celebrity becomes obese. It is generally not possible to hide this particular disease and photographs will convey far more about the obesity condition than they will about the status of somebody’s coronary artery plaques. So I would like to see a day when people openly and courageously pursue the best available weight loss solutions- and today this is undoubtedly a combined program and weight loss surgery and medically supervised long term weight loss follow-up – because it is the best thing for their health. It is also the best thing to promote and acknowledge as healthy for other people who suffer with the same conditions. For if celebrities serve any useful purpose whatsoever it is to influence the rest of us toward better and healthier behaviors.

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