Choosing Which Type Of Weight Loss Surgery Is Important, But Motivation Is More Important

The choice of which bariatric procedure on should choose to do is an important one, but it might not be as important as you think.

When faced with deciding upon the right weight loss surgery for you there are many choices to consider. One should try and research every detail they can about them and make the best possible choice for themselves.  I have written a lot on this blog, in books, and articles regarding how to go about choosing the right surgery. I have examined the data very carefully to try and help guide people on this topic.  I also spend a lot of time one on one with my own patients in trying to help them make the best decision should they choose the laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, or perhaps the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band or the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.  Sometimes the choice can be difficult and as we know there is no single, one clear cut right answer for everyone.

But, more important than the choice of weight loss surgery is a much richer, more challenging and more rewarding place to focus our mental energies: on staying prepared and motivated to do the work of losing the weight.  Regardless of what surgery is chosen, the procedure is not going to do the work by itself.  No surgery is going to magically make a person exercise more, decrease the glycemic index of their intake, reduce their portions and begin cutting out full meals and servings of carbohydrates such as: sweets, desserts, potatoes and snacks.  Only you can do that.

So while choosing the proper surgery is important, and some people may do much better with one kind of procedure than another, at the end of the day the variations and weight loss outcome between all the operations is dwarfed by the variations between individuals depending on their motivation level.

Yes, that is right, you could lose far more weight with the less invasive procedure simply by being more motivated and sticking to the regimen more closely.  That means dramatically cutting down carbohydrate intake and increasing the calories you burn with muscle activity.  On the other hand, you can have the most invasive operation that supposedly delivers the highest amount of pounds lost, and find that you don’t lose any weight because you are less motivated and less compliant with the recommended eating regimen.

If the difference between say, the gastric bypass and the gastric banding procedure in terms of average weight loss results is ten percent, the difference between highly motivated and less motivated individuals is 100 percent.

So, research as much as you possibly can.  Read the articles on this blog about the subject, read my book about which operation is right for you.  Read every other source you can, talk to as many people as you can.  But, once you have made a decision about which procedure to undergo, focus all of that mental energy and enthusiasm (and more of it!) on committing 100 percent mind, body and soul to achieving success in your weight loss journey.  This is going to mean sacrifice.  It is going to mean starting a difficult preoperative weight loss diet.  It is going to mean living with hunger.  It is going to mean making painful choices.  It is going to mean cutting down the carbohydrate intake.  It is going to mean reading every label.  It is going to mean increasing your muscular activity through things like: walking, swimming, use of hand weights, etc.  It is difficult, but with a consistent and dedicated effort you can achieve amazing results no matter which type of surgery you have chosen.


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