Commitment Starts Before Surgery

I tell my patients that the surgery is only successful with your commitment.

In truth, with weight-loss surgery and so many other facets of life we choose whether to commit to it and are successful at it, or we choose to do something less than this.

Committing to success starts well before surgery.  It starts sometime after the information-gathering phase, sometime after the initial visits with support groups and with the bariatric surgeon and some of the preoperative educational work.  But at some point in that process it is time to fully commit, mind, body and soul.

Once you have committed, then it is time to fully and completely put your heart into making your weight-loss journey a success.  Then, practically speaking, the commitment begins with a preoperative weight loss program, usually consisting of any protein based meal replacement diet.  iMetabolic has worked hard to create several great tasting meal replacement options to help make it easier to stay on track. During the weeks of this rigorous diet, most of my patients will lose 20, 30, 40 or more pounds.  Fully and completely committing to this preoperative program has a huge positive effect on initiating weight loss, but also making the surgery itself more safe for you and more technically successful for the surgeon.  If you put your heart into this preoperative diet and weight loss program, then you can already begin to have amazing results even before the surgery takes place.

And then the successful journey really begins, and the weight loss really takes off! And your commitment will last a lifetime.

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