Does Everyone Need an iMetabolic After Surgery?

Sometimes weight loss surgical patients have asked just what is critically important for postoperative success and long-term weight loss.  Does everyone really need an iMetabolic, a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, medically supervised program after surgery?

For most people, the answer is probably no, with some qualification of that answer.  Based on the long-term studies we have available, most people do succeed after weight loss surgery in losing the weight and keeping it off.  However, a percentage of people regain their weight or fail to reach a satisfactory amount of weight loss.  And many others struggle over the years to maintain the level of weight they have lost, though they still would be considered “success stories”. In my opinion, these patients could benefit from a multidisciplinary, medically supervised weight loss program like iMetabolic.

There are many benefits of a medical weight loss program.  First, physicians who are experienced in prescribing weight loss medications could make use of phentermine and other drugs to help battle resurgence of appetite and promote improved weight loss.  Next, the team of trainers, dietitians and coaches can keep patients focused on their goals, habit development and how to succeed over time.  Some elements that have been proven in scientific studies to add to the success of weight loss may not be easily available outside of medically supervised programs. These include support groups, a “holding you responsible” routine weigh in, review of food journals, and prescription medications.  An added benefit of a medically supervised program that has psychologists and experts in eating behavior is that some abnormal eating behaviors and eating disorders (such as binge eating) may be uncovered and treated more effectively in such a form.

I think we will see a continued role for medically supervised programs to integrate with or at least augment the success of surgical weight loss programs in the future.

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