Emphasize Quality And Not Quantity When Eating

There is no doubt that a certain satisfaction comes from eating a large quantity of food. I will be the first to admit I have overindulged in some meals when the food was particularly delicious and I found it satisfying, albeit in a strange way. For example my favorite Indian, Thai or Chinese food seems to be gobbled up so fast that it practically vanishes from the plate and I find myself dishing out more from those white cardboard boxes before I even know what I’m doing. Or a really great pizza made from terrific dough and delicious sauce is so hard to resist before 3, 4, 5 or 6 pieces disappear.
More disturbingly, however, we often find ourselves overeating quantities of food that isn’t really that great. Think about it: How many times have you been served a lukewarm burger and lousy fries, but for some reason continued eating until every last crumb was devoured?
What I am saying is it is time for a new way of thinking about food. Pure and simple, it is time to start thinking about quality and not quantity. At first, you will have to trust me that it can be at least as satisfying to emphasize quality over quantity. You will probably have to take it on faith to begin with that a few bites of something truly amazing, enjoyed slowly, can be equally as satisfying as demolishing a large quantity of something mediocre, but it can be and it is. Once you begin to enjoy the real satisfaction that comes from watching the number on the scale move downward, watching your body look healthier and seeing a person in the mirror who feels better and more energetic, then you will truly begin to see the light.
Be selective, be choosey, don’t eat anything that isn’t truly delicious, emphasize quality and not quantity.

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