We have all tried to lose weight. We’ve all thought about it as a vaguely good idea and we have all wanted to lose a few extra pounds here and there. Some of us have tried several times to lose a lot of weight. But for only a small number of people is a clear game plan really ever established that allows them to set out on a course that will result in significant long-term sustained weight loss.

So how do you establish such a game plan?

Well, it’s more than just the idea that you’d like to lose weight, although that is clearly an important critical starting ingredient. It’s more than taking a weight loss medication or signing up with a doctor or even planning to have weight loss surgery. It is first and foremost a commitment to really see it through and enjoy the benefits of the long-term weight loss. Those benefits mean improved health for you for a lifetime. They mean a better quality of life, more fun with your family and friends, better success at work. In short, they mean a longer and healthier life. Who wouldn’t want that?

But achieving that goal requires going through many, many small steps, just like any major long-term project requires going through many small steps. Think of building a very complex and large model airplane. Think of the many, many, many parts and the intricate steps involved and the many directions. No one would think they could build a model airplane in a single afternoon. In fact, someone with experience building other model airplanes, or completing other projects, knows that to achieve this goal it is going to take a lot of time and effort and dedication and fulfilling many steps along the way. But don’t be deterred just because there are many steps or because it’s a challenging project. Nothing is more rewarding than achieving a goal like this one.

So how do you start? You start by identifying your goal and spending a good deal of time understanding the goal, why you want it, what it means to you and what things you will be able to enjoy, achieve, accomplish if you can succeed in this one goal. Your next step is to focus on the how. How do I get there? What are the steps from here to there? How do I achieve long-term lasting weight loss success? And to identify the steps involved and the how, you need to do a bit of research. I recommend reading every good source of reliable scientifically based information including books, pamphlets and CDs about the health effects of weight gain, obesity, about the methods of successful weight loss, and about the steps you need to take to lose weight and keep it off. I specifically recommend listening to the audio programs available at and reading any of the Special Weight Loss Reports that apply specifically to you, available at . Additionally, if you are considering weight loss surgery, please read Outpatient Weight Loss Surgery: Safe and Effective Weight Loss with Modern Bariatric Surgery that 360 Publishing is releasing in February of 2009. It has many other resources to guide you after you have finished it.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, you need to make a commitment to take the steps necessary. You need to make a commitment to yourself most of all, but also to others who can help and support you along the way.

And then it’s time to start, to really begin. Because once you’ve established this game plan, identified your goals and committed yourselves to achieving them, nothing can stop you. In other sections, other posts, other articles and books, I talk in more detail about how goal setting can help you a great deal and about the specific steps you should take depending on your own personal situation to lose weight, and about commitments and where to begin.

I wish you great success in your weight loss journey. Tell us here how you began and what had worked for you.

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