Everyone Can Help Combat Obesity

The obesity problem in the United States and even worldwide for that matter has grown to such an epic status it can seem to be an insurmountable problem.  This is not the case. We can succeed in changing the momentem away from increased obesity rates and toward healthier lifestyles.

When many people become aware of the problem of today’s obesity epidemic, they do want to help, but often don’t know where to begin.  The answer to this is simple. Start with yourself and them try to help others. There are so many avenues to explore and pursue in order to address the obesity crisis.  No matter which path we choose to help the cause, the cause is most helped when we take steps to control our own habits.   For instance, make healthier food purchasing decisions even if your weight is already at a healthy point.  It will not only keep you healthier in general, but also send a message with your purchasing power. The more people who choose to buy healthier foods, the more healthier foods will be made available for people to buy. The point is every little bit helps. Living healthy is  great way to promote obesity prevention and encourages those suffering from the effects of obesity to improve their health too.

Everyone can do it.  There is a great article about a 9 year old girl encouraging her friends to hula hoop for fitness. If a child can learn a new physical activity that promotes exercise and then actively pursues this hobby, it is a huge victory for childhood obesity prevention and public health in general.

You don’t have to teach a class to encourage these sort of activities. Try just going for a walk or a bike ride with your children. Invite the neighborhood kids too. It’s a great way to burn calories promote good health and maybe increase the sense of community in your neighborhood.

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