Football and Weight Gain

Football season is here and this means that millions of people will be glued to the screen every Sunday, as well as some Monday nights to watch the games. While we watch these athletes compete, we need to remember our own health needs. We should be inspired by the physical conditioning of these athletes and not lose sight of our own weight loss goals. If you can remember one tip to help you with your weight loss goals during football season, it should be from this post.
This is excellent weight loss advice for men and women. College students hoping to avoid the dreaded “Freshmen 15″ should listen to this as well.  (For those of you who don’t know what the “Freshman 15″ is, it is a commonly used term by college students for the weight they gain in their first year of college. I will discuss some of the causes of this in a future post.)

Well that is enough stalling on my part. Here is the advice to help you get through the football season without ruining your weekly weight loss progress every Sunday.

The beverage of choice for many people watching the games is beer. I am not telling you that you cannot drink beer while you watch the game. But, if you are at all serious about losing weight or avoiding weight gain, you must make some changes to the beer drinking habits many football fans have. Here are two things that can make a huge difference.

  1. If you are going to drink beer while watching the game, drink a light beer or low carb beer.
  2. For each beer that you do have, make the following drink a full glass of ice water.

This will dramatically cut down the number of empty calories you are consuming and probably help you avoid a bad hangover as well.

Following these rules can help minimize the calories you eat while watching the games.

Bonus weight loss tip: If changing your beer drinking habits is easy for you, or you don’t drink beer while watching the games, the next thing to address is the snacking. Try substituting the chips and dip for a plate of veggies. You’ll be so wrapped up in the game you will barely notice the difference and every calorie you avoid is one calorie closer to losing the weight you want.


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