What an amazing morning!  I had the profound honor of getting to see the fantastic moms and dads of Lace Em’ Up, the organization put together by Wendy Damonte here in Reno, Nevada to engage kids and everyone in the school toward encouraging regular exercise.  In the program, all the children in the school are encouraged to get outside and run and in fact, they are awarded for all of the accomplishments.  Prizes are given when the children have run a cumulative total of 5 miles, 10m miles and special prizes are given to those who complete a half marathon and a marathon distance over the course of their many intervals around the track.

This year, Lace Em’ Up has a fancy, electronic bar code system where by the children run their distances and scan in bar coded tags on lanyards they wear.  The reward system is fantastic and the kids who achieve special distances like running the full marathon over the course of the year are acknowledged with their photographs on the wall of fame in the school assembly hall.

Wendy and her team of moms that founded Lace Em’ Up, do an amazing job and provide a tremendous amount of inspiration.  I have never seen 700 children so fired up to get outside and run as I have after the great assembly she and her team put together.

Now, how to capture all of the enthusiasm in a bottle…

Obesity treatment is going to pale in its impact when we compare it to prevention.  And programs like Lace Em’ Up offer us a glimpse into the future of how obesity prevention efforts that start in the school and emphasize healthy eating and fun exercise will pave the way toward a healthier America.

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