Healthy Childhood Weight and Halloween Candy Temptations

Most Americans gain several pounds a year and it is believed that around half of that weight gain occurs during holidays. It probably starts around Halloween when the candy begins proliferating everywhere, at home, in the office, and just about everywhere you travel during your day, but then it continues right on through Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Years.

In thinking back to my own childhood I remember Halloween as a free hall pass to go eat as much candy as I could get my hands on. And while the causes of childhood obesity are numerous, it is undeniable that this explosion of candy and sweet consumption throughout the entire holidays contributes in a negative way.

Think about it, the marketing and scale of Halloween candy blips dulls anything that we saw as children. We want our children to remain healthy and not grow to an unhealthy weight or develop Type 2 diabetes right? So, how do we confront the commercial Halloween and holiday candy consumption beast? Here are a few important strategies:

  • Start now. Prepare your children for the idea that they can enjoy a few, special pieces of Halloween candy, but the rest will be given away or tossed.
  • Let your children know how important it is that they feel good, feel fit and active, have healthy teeth and look good.
  • Stick with your kids at trick or treat time and let them know at the end of trick or treat time they can pick out their special pieces of candy and all the rest are yours.
  • Let them know how much better it is to truly enjoy those few pieces of special Halloween candy rather than to gobble up an entire bag of junk food and get sick to their stomach.
  • Don’t add to the candy proliferation at your own house.   Keep the candy filled up until the trick or treat day arrives and then immediately toss any left overs after the last trick or treat visitor has gone.

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