HOORAY! – First Annual Run to Fight Childhood Obesity

“You can’t fight obesity sitting down.”

Wow, what an amazing and motivated bunch of people.  31 dedicated souls including doctors, nurses, parents and weight loss surgery patients braved the uncharacteristic rain and competed in the Reno Rock-N-River Run to raise awareness of childhood obesity.

The Reno Rock-N-River marathon, half marathon and 10K begins in the old streets of downtown Reno and then takes a route that follows the Truckee River as it flows through this valley, around and over rocks on its way then east and to Pyramid Lake.

Our group proved to be the largest group running to raise awareness for a charitable program and we all completed the 10K.  Several of my past Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and laparoscopic adjustable gastric band patients completed in the run.  That even included one patient of mine who had undergone surgery only two weeks ago!  She kept up a brisk walking pace and completed the race handily.

Another former patient of mine told me that she maintained the weight that was even lower than what she weighed her last year of high school. She ran the entire 10K, something that she could never have done even back as a high school senior.  What a long way she’s come.

The race organizers have invited the Obesity Prevention Foundation to serve as the official race charitable organization partner, and we could not be more excited about it.  How many people can we enter in the race next year?  35?  50?  100?

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