How Much Weight Will I Lose With Weight Loss Surgery?

Recently I have had a series of patients ask a version that is more or less the same question:  “How much weight will I lose with this surgery?”

If you have read any of my books or other writings, then you probably know where this is heading. Because the question is now how much weight will I lose after surgery so much as, how can I do my very best to use the maximal amount of weight?  Or, what do I need to work on myself so that I can achieve the best weight loss results?

The problem with asking how much weight loss is the surgery going to create is that it places the responsibility on the surgery instead of where it belongs, which is on the person having surgery.  This can be a hard thing to accept, but weight loss surgery is only a tool in your hands. It does not do the work for you.

People who have achieved great weight loss and health improvement after weight loss surgery have done so with great effort and determination and a commitment to success. These are some of the essential ingredients to successful weight loss.  It’s true that large studies with thousands and thousands of patients report averages of expected weight loss at one year or five years or ten years.  But those kind of statistics fail to tell the stories of the individuals and the hard work it took for them to achieve those results. So just because one study shows that on average patients lost 75% of their excess body weight following gastric bypass does not mean that the next person who comes along will do the same.  In fact, if the next person coming along sets their mind to it and is very motivated, determined and persistent, he or she could lose 100% of excess body weight and keep it off for a lifetime.  On the other hand without those qualities, the next person could fail to lose any weight at all.

So, I think the best answer to that question is that it all depends on you. Averages would indicate that a very high percentage of people do successfully lose  a high percentage of their excess body weight, somewhere between 50 and 90%.  Where you will fall, how well you will do, how long you will keep the weight off and how much you improve your life will depend only on you and no one else. The surgery will help. There is no question that weight loss surgery is a highly effective tool, the best means of losing weight that has ever been developed.  But what you make of it is up to you.  Much of the information on this website is designed to help make every person’s weight loss effort as successful as possible.  Make use of every tool to make your journey a successful one to better health.

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