How to Lose Weight in a Bad Economy

Times are tough.  A lot of people right now are facing difficult economic circumstances, jobs are scarce, and extra money is not just lying around these days.

With all that’s going on, how can a person manage to focus on losing weight?  The truth is that becoming healthier and skinnier can be economically very beneficial to a person.  However, to focus on weight loss requires some psychological clarity and focus.  It can be difficult when life has become very stressful for economic or other reasons to focus clearly on a goal of changing your life, losing weight and becoming healthier. But it is possible and it may be the best thing you can do to move forward in this area of your life even while  other aspects of life face great challenges due to the economy.

Losing weight and living at a healthier weight can save money for a number of reasons.  First of all, you simply eat less.  If you become disciplined and start cutting out a lot of the high calorie snacks and treats, this not only  helps weight loss but it helps with the pocketbook.  Yummy mochas and cappuccinos, not to mention ice cream and popcorn, are expensive and add unneeded pounds to the waistline. Becoming focused on a weight loss program allows you to save this money.

More importantly, however, if you can lose 10% of your excess body weight that translates into significant health improvements so much so that many people find that they are able to decrease or quit medications they are currently taking for problems like gastroesophageal reflux, painful bones and joints, and even diabetes and high blood pressure. With more significant weight loss, lots of medications and doctors’ visits fall by the wayside.

There are expenses with good weight loss programs. These include reading material, literature, audio programs, protein meal replacement shakes, low carb, low glycemic index snacks and meals, and even medications.  Yet, usually these are cheaper in the long run than eating regular meals.  Sometimes though cheap high calorie food can seem more appealing.

The bottom line is that you and your health are too important to do anything other than focus on losing weight and becoming healthier.

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