We’ve seen the long haired, young Jesus, the bearded serious Jesus, the bare chested Jesus, the suffering on the cross Jesus, but I don’t think I have seen the morbidly obese Jesus.

Why do you suppose it is that artistic depictions of the Last Supper depict increasingly larger and larger portions? According to a recent finding described in the International Journal of Obesity and shared through, over the last thousand years the portion sizes depicted in the paintings of the last meal shared by the Apostles and Jesus has grown markedly. Brian Wansink, a clever obesity and eating behavior researcher, together with his brother Craig, a religion professor, examined fifty-two Last Supper paintings. They found the serving size of the bread depicted was 23% larger in modern paintings and the serving sizes of the other entrées had grown by 70%! They used the size of the Apostles craniums as a control measure so as to help avoid exaggerations that were simply due to a different scale of the painting.

I think Da Vinci would be astonished to learn just what supersizing has done to actual portion sizes in modern times.

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