Life Change With Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is highly effective as a tool or method for losing weight and changing ones life.  But it is only a tool.

One of the toughest things for people to begin to understand is that they themselves are the true instrument of change.  The surgery is a highly effective component in that change journey, but ultimately the person who makes the decision to lose the weight and undergo weight loss surgery is, in fact, the most important element that will insure long-term success weight loss.

When I meet with individuals who are pursuing weight loss surgery, I begin emphasizing this point very early on, beginning in fact with our informational seminar.  I think that our group emphasizes this point so much because over time we have come to appreciate more about what it takes to succeed beyond one year or two years and we have begun to explore how to insure success beyond ten years, twenty years and for a lifetime.  Today estimates are that between 10 and 20% of people regain their weight years down the road after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, though the statistics on this are a little murky.  How then, does one avoid becoming one of those statistics?  We believe the answer lies in adopting a new outlook and a new way of viewing the problem of weight loss and health.  The people who do succeed and keep it off for a lifetime accept total and complete responsibility for their weight loss journey. They begin looking, not outward, but inward for solutions to the long-term problems of poor health and weight gain.  They adopt the “battle” mentality against excess calories, desserts, treats, and snacks.

They adopt the attitude of life change that is crucial to success in this battle.

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