Life Changing Weight Loss Books Arrive!

After some delays, we have received the shipment of my newly released book: Life Changing Weight Loss. In these times, everyone could use a guide to real, successful weight loss.

In radio interviews on stations around the country, I have been so pleased at the reception the book has received so far. One of the common threads I hear is that media people are inundated at this time of year with weight loss books and information, most of which has very little basis in the practical science of what truly works. Much of it is based on wishful thinking, marketing plans or fanciful obsessions with obscure root extracts and proprietary blends of unregulated secret, magical herbs. The truth about successful weight loss is much simpler and yet, also much more complicated.

At the end of the day, to solve a weight problem and keep the pounds off, we must find a successful strategy to consume less calories every single day, burn more calories every single day, and find satisfaction and contentment despite this. Many of us can muster the motivation on a short term basis to consume less calories and burn more calories, but we feel like we are starving ourselves or doing the impossible. That won’t work for the long term. Long term success lies in mustering that motivation, but making an internal life change, a new look at how we view ourselves, our weight, our diet and our activity. Only then does the “light switch” flip on, only then do we successfully lose the weight and keep it off for the long term.

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