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Why to people who seem fitter, thinner and healthier also seen to be living with a higher energy level? It’s maddening, isn’t it? These same people who have all the gifts of good looks and skinny bodies also appear to be darting around and living life at a higher more enjoyable velocity than the rest of us. What gives?

There may be more to this question than meets the eye and it may be less clear what is cause and what is effect than may observers might think.

Unquestionably, even as infants, some humans are moving at a slower speed while others faster. Hormone levels like thyroid hormone play a role in dictating wide variations in things like resting heart rate, blood pressure and the speed with which simple behaviors are accomplished. So one theory has always been that those people who are blessed with a higher metabolic rate are first and foremost “high energy” people and they tend to exercise more, expend more energy, live more actively and therefore look fitter, thinner and healthier.

But, the effect may be more powerful when we consider it in the other direction. By this I mean that people who achieve a healthier weight and a trimmer waist line begin to experience a new an higher energy level in their day to day activities. They find joy in physical activity, exercise, competition and the outdoors. They feed off of the enthusiasm of other high energy people around them pursuing similar activities. And perhaps most importantly, the psychological influence on our energy level cannot be underestimated. A person who has “seen the light” and changed eating behavior and lifestyle to become fitter and healthier lives with a sense of purpose and that gusto, that enthusiasm, infects everything the person does so their friends, colleagues and neighbors admire their achievements and note how everything they do is approached with great energy.

I have patient’s who lived for years in a sadly obese state before they made a transformation. They described hours on end sitting, watching television or engaging in other passive activities with little to no physical exertion . They describe how this inertia led to more eating, more of a sense of depression and failure, more weight gain and a cycle of further reduction in energy level. That cycle can be broken. It requires new thoughts, a new commitment and new goals. Those thoughts, commitments and goals must be reaffirmed constantly and once they are, a sense of achievement takes hold and a new higher level of energy is experienced.

Want to experience a higher energy level? Don’t wait for it to come along and bite you. You have to make the change today.

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