Losing Weight “Smart”

On a recent radio interview, the host asked me about fat diets and crash diets as opposed to losing weight “smart.” I thought that was a very appropriate term to describe our philosophy at iMetabolic. If weight loss isn’t achieved with a smart plan it is often very transience; the person who drops pounds quickly with a crash diet is often subject to rebound weight gain.
What is losing weight smart? It is really a process that focuses on your goals, both short and long term. It takes into account the science and the experience derived from the successes and failures of weight loss centers around the world. (Take a look at my recently released book Doctor’s Orders, a 101 Medically Proven Tips for losing weight for a good accounting of the lessons that have been learned in clinical research and medically based weight loss programs). Losing weight smart involves a change of attitude and a change in the way that a person looks at how they eat and drink. How they focus on long term goals and sustain weight loss.
Losing weight smart also means reducing the glycemic index of your calorie consumption every single day. It means making this change, not as a “diet”, but as a change in the way you live. A change in who you are. It is no less satisfying in life to eat lower glycemic index foods, but it does take some getting used to. There is a sense of depravation at not being able to have some treats and sweets, snacks and other simple carbohydrates, but you get over that quickly. It is more than replaced by more powerful enduring feelings of feeling healthier, fitter and more energetic.
Losing weight smart also means taking full and total responsibility for your weight and your health and not being blown by the winds of peer pressure, fads and cravings. Losing weight smart also means having the right help and having the right tools to be able to lose the weight successfully and keep it off.

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