Losing Weight: Friends Can help…or Hurt

We all know how tough it is to stick with a weight loss program.  What makes it so tough?  If you think about it, one of the answers you come up with is that social events and friends tempt us with treats and fun times but also center around food and drink.  And remember, it is not just regular food and drink, it’s often high calorie food that happens around parties. Think of fried hors d’ourves and plenty of tortilla chips. Then the drinks count for a lot of calories as well because of the high calorie content of alcohol.  So how do we still enjoy our friends and social events and yet still manage to stay on track.

One way is to enlist your friends to help you.  Many times well-intentioned friends just do not realize how serious your commitment to losing weight is.  But they do probably understand that if they’re inviting you to go have drinks and desserts that it’s going to make it difficult for you to lose weight.  You shouldn’t have to choose between your friends and your weight loss goals.  But if you don’t ask them for their help, then it might seem that way sometimes.

I recommend you speak to your friends one on one and tell them about your commitment to losing weight and becoming healthier.  Let them know why it’s so important to you and the kind of things that you are suffering with due to weight.

What else can you do?  Well, here are a few of the grim realities.

  • Remember that your weight loss goal is more important than any social outing with food, cake, cookies, drinks, snacks, etc.  (Well, okay, maybe if it’s your child’s wedding, we’ll make an exception but you can still stick to your game plan even if you have to attend).
  • You may have to decline some invitations.
  • Enlist your friends to help you with your weight loss goals.
  • Use willpower and think of the big picture here.  Remind yourself of your overriding goals. Don’t order foods and drinks and desserts that will throw you off your plan.
  • Plan ahead.  Know what you are going to order and how to manage the evening.  You may need to leave early.
  • Don’t drink if drinking for you leads to a total loss of willpower and even more drinking and eating.
  • Work on finding ways to have fun in these social settings without eating and drinking excessive calories. Start with a mineral water and some good conversation.

I realize some of these sound harsh and it may even feel like you’re having to change your whole social life in order to lose weight. But think about it, what could be more important than getting to a healthier weight, living longer and better quality years so that you can enjoy your friends for longer. There’s no rule that says that you have to have food and drink to enjoy your friends.


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