Maintain, Don’t Gain, through the Holidays

The holidays are an especially difficult time to avoid carbohydrate calories and weight gain. Lots of the people I work with are great cooks and they have delicious recipes for holiday treats including cakes, pies, toffee and my weak spot: cookies. We find the office full of delicious offerings on decorative holiday plates at every corner. And who can resist?

Very few of us can resist. That’s why many of us gain several pounds during this time of year. Family functions, visiting relatives and holiday work parties also seem to take us away from exercise and conscientious food choices, and focus our attention on enjoying life, eating, drinking and good company. Not all bad certainly, but not all good either if all that enjoyment comes at the price of extra pounds and enlarging waistline. So what can you do to prevent the holiday bulge?

Here are a few suggestions that have arisen to confronting this problem over the years with our colleagues at work:

1. Aim for a whole office group effort to maintain and not gain weight over the holidays.
A. Offer rewards and incentives.
B. Put up prizes posters and findings noting the “holiday challenge”.
C. Set an example by catering a holiday lunch that is very healthy and delicious.
D. Make it totally voluntary.
E. Emphasize health and wellness (and this means avoiding mention of clothes, waistlines, looks, shapes, figures, or appearance).

In the end, your employees and office colleagues will really appreciate the effort to help with challenging problem of weight gain during the holidays, if you do it correctly. Avoid any sense of being judgmental, and most assuredly avoid any notion that your efforts have something to do with the appearance of employees or colleagues. With an emphasis on health and longevity and healthier weight, these efforts will be much appreciated. Most employees and colleagues will actually be glad that they are not being inundated and constantly tempted with so many holiday treats and snacks and extra pounds.

What goes on at your office or workplace?

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