Make-You-Fat Drinks And Why They Sell

It’s not that we want to be fat. In fact most of us find ourselves gaining weight and are struggling to find ways to stop it. But these energy drinks, sport drinks and just plain ole’ drinks taste so good and are so cleverly marketed to us that we can’t stop drinking them. At least we can’t stop drinking them unless we think about it and use our own free will a little bit.
What a lot of people don’t realize is that big jolts of simple carbohydrates make us fat. Not immediately of course, not that day or that week even, but over time. Big doses of simple carbohydrates, say those in the sucrose and high fructose corn syrup of an energy drink or other soft drinks, the simple carbohydrates are digested quickly and enter the blood stream quickly and result in a very rapid surge of circulating blood sugar or serum glucose level. This also leads to a rapid spike in the important hormone insulin and leptin followed by a rapid fall of the blood sugar level. The next step is a sense of hunger which is often even stronger than before the jolt of sugar. It is no wonder this cycle leads to obesity as it repeats itself over and over.
The make-you-fat drinks have awesome, inspired and expensive Madison Avenue advertising and marketing. They look cool, we think they’re cool and, of course, they taste great. Some of us even like that rapid spike and jittery feeling; the surge of energy, even if it is very short lived, but with a little thought we could all do a lot better.

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