“MIRACLE” Weight Loss “DRUG”

What if I told you that there was a drug you could take that would result in the following changes, as proven by scientific studies: You would feel better psychologically. You would have greater sense of calm and inner peace. Your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol would be lower. It would result in weight loss and maintenance of a lower, healthier weight.

Would you take that drug? What if I told you there were very few side effects and that these side effects were mostly preventable by you. Now would you take the drug? I think most of us would.

Now if I told you that instead of a drug that it was an activity and it required 30 minutes of your time five days a week and resulted in all those same profound benefits in your life. Would you do it?

When put to us this way, I think most of us would take this drug or do this activity and we’d find time to make sure we did it every week because those benefits are so incredibly profound. What could possibly offer such benefits for such a small time commitment?

The answer, of course, is exercise. And everything that I have described above is true even the “side effects”, namely twisted ankles and so forth, are mostly preventable by being careful. The more serious potential side effects like heart attacks usually come from overdoing it. (Think of shoveling heavy snow in winter or trying to run instead of taking a nice vigorous walk).

So find time, 30 minutes, five days a week, starting today. It does not have to be heroic, gold medal winning exercise. It does have to be regular sustained exercise. I recommend that if you need to lose weight, that you start with walking. Walking is proven to be an important part of weight loss and weight maintenance regimen and it has lots of other benefits including the social benefits of walking with others.


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