My Goals For the New Year

I end up talking a good bit with my patients about goal setting so I have been thinking about my own goals for 2010. So, in no particular order, here are some of the goals I have thought about:

  • 1. Field a team of 100 racers for the Reno Rock-n-River 10K and the Kid’s Run and succeed in raising awareness of the problem of childhood obesity.
  • 2. Take that awareness to the next level by making an impact in schools and communities and in the consciousness of policy makers (I know this one isn’t very specific, but I am working on it).
  • 3. Run a personal best marathon time this year and run a marathon in under 3 hours, 30 minutes.
  • 4. Complete the Second Edition of Out-Patient Weight Loss Surgery with thorough updates of the emerging technology, the importance of pre-operative meal replacement shake programs and many other new features and testimonials.
  • 5. Give more to those around me, those less fortunate and those whom I love.
  • 6. Spend more time with my children including some special time on vacations with them.
  • 7. Work harder to see that the post-surgical care for our weight loss patients is comprehensive, committed, compassionate, thorough and frequent.
  • 8. Improve our support groups, walking groups and ongoing support for all of our patients both surgical and non-surgical who are trying to lose weight.

Set goals for yourself today.

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