It’s time for a very important New Year’s resolution: Your New Year’s resolution to lose weight. The holidays have passed. Our waistlines are growing and it’s time to get serious. There is no better time than the New Year to make a break with the past and settle on a new beginning with a resolution to lose weight.

This year let’s make it really stick! Here are a few things you can do to make sure that this year’s New Year’s resolution to lose weight is one that you can really stick with and that the goal you set for yourself is one that you really meet.

1. Why are making this New Year’s resolution to lose weight and what are your specific reasons?

  • To look better in your clothes
  • To feel better and less out of breath when you play with your kids and grandkids.
  • To be healthier, specifically to have lower blood pressure or lower blood sugar.
  • To achieve a specific goal like to run in and complete your first 10K.

Get a notepad, or a sheet of paper (or start your own weight loss blog). Now write down your top five goals. This really helps solidify in your consciousness the importance of this weight loss resolution to you and to nobody else.

2. Think about how you are going to achieve your resolution. This means you have to make a plan. It could be:

  • I’m going to lower my calorie intake to under 1500 calories a day until I achieve my goal. Calculate the calorie deficit you must achieve daily to lose pounds using the Calculator on this site.
  • I’m going to enroll in a medically supervised weight loss program.
  • I’m going to skip all desserts and work out three times a week.
  • I’m quitting all sugared sodas and beverages.
  • I’m quitting any alcohol intake over one drink in a day.

3. Set a time frame for achieving your resolution and a way to determine if you’ve achieved it.

  • Weigh yourself today and write your weight down.
  • Set a goal for your target weight of say three months or 90 days (Hint – you should aim for something achievable here like losing 10, 20, 30 or like losing one to two pounds per week)
  • Now create a place where you will write down your weight in 90 days. Place a box like this to write in your weight.
    Current Weight             
    Weight Goal             

4. How I will celebrate achieving my weight loss resolution goal weight.

  • A massage.
  • A new outfit.
  • Tickets to a ball game.

Your New Year’s weight loss resolution will be a successful one if you follow these steps. Carefully identify your specific goals, write them down, create a plan for achieving your goals that is specific. Next, create a specific time frame and a specific target weight that you will achieve in that time frame. Write down your weight now and what your target weight is on that day. Lastly, identify how you will reward yourself with a nonfood reward.

What are some of your weight loss resolutions and how are you going to achieve them?

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