New Year’s Resolutions Around Our Office

I have noticed that so many of us enjoy the time during the holidays, but with the high level of consciousness of weight gain and obesity in our office, we all approach the holiday season with a little bit of trepidation. The usual array of goodies, candies and treats appear in the office (and even I am guilty of giving some rather delicious chocolates from time to time), but all of us laugh about enjoying small tastes here and there and not devouring the whole plate.
Many of us also talk about looking forward to the New Year and to our New Year’s resolutions. People in the office have been talking about what sort of New Year’s resolution to make and for many people it does center around targeted weight loss and health improvement.
I think it is a wonderful notion to take stock of one’s health and imagine one’s new goals as the New Year begins. The key is to be specific and if you have gained pounds over the holidays, the first goal is to lose them. Be specific. How many pounds and by when? I would suggest if you gained the pounds in the weeks between Halloween and New Years, roughly eight weeks, then you give yourself eight weeks to lose all of those pounds. And then set a goal for losing more weight beyond that.

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