NFL Play 60 And Other Obesity Awareness Campaigns

It seems like in this modern era we have all become very skeptical of the motivations of corporate philanthropy. Most of us experience no surprise whatsoever when we learn that corporations that are giving money to charities do so with a calculus that counts exactly how much PR the philanthropy buys them and balances it against advertising dollars. We all form our own judgments about the purity of philanthropy and charity when we see similar behavior from individuals.
But, I must say I am quite pleased that there is often an intersection between commercial success, good PR, and doing the right thing, especially for kids. So I am quite gratified to see the National Football League among many other organizations has turned its attention to the problem of childhood obesity and has organized a campaign and a message to fight childhood obesity. If their campaign can raise the level of consciousness in the public and among the leadership of the country to a higher level it may, one day, lead to some powerful and tangible solutions to this pervasive and devastating problem.


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