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There is no doubt that more and more of us today are overweight. There is no question that an increasing array of tempting, delicious, high calorie, high carbohydrate foods during snacks and meals assault our senses daily. We all see more advertisements for deliciously photographed and filmed foods than ever before. We are tempted by billboards, radio commercials and a dizzying array of well crafted advertisements. We also lead very stressful lives. Most of us work long hours and our spouse also works long hours. We eat to relieve stress, to relieve anxiety, to relieve depressed feeling, to get some comfort or pleasure however transient. And we also find that we have less and less time for exercise. Most of us spend a great deal of time in the office or at work behind the computer station. We put on the television test and tending to our children. There is not much room in the day for us to exercise and burn a lot of calories.

And as we gain pounds, they are harder and harder to lose. As we add years to our lives, we find that it is harder to lose the weight. Worse still, the added pounds begin to take a toll on our health and on our life span. Even moderate amounts of weight gain create a disproportionate increased risk of developing serious health problems including diabetes and high blood pressure. Over the years these problems lead to deleterious effects on all the organs including the eyes, the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, the liver, the bones and the joints. And the more overweight we are, the unhealthier we become. The health consequences of being overweight are simply too severe and too profound to ignore or to minimize. By the time a person is 100 pounds or more overweight, their chances of living to be even age 65 have dropped to around 10% or less! The increasing toll on our bodies is often the wake up call that people hear, telling them that it is time to get serious about losing weight.

So what’s a person to do? Today, an explosion of weight loss solutions and commercial products and programs bombard us. Do these work? Is there any science or evidence behind commercial weight loss programs or dietary supplements? Is it wise to enroll in one of these plans? Is it worth your hard earned money? These are all questions that are difficult to answer and require some real investigation in order to discover the truth.

I have worked in the field of weight loss medicine, public health and nutrition for many years and I have worked with thousands of patients in their individual journeys to lose weight. If I have a specific bias, it is a bias towards solutions that have demonstrable value to the patient. I am not easily persuaded by fads, theories, fancy titles, establishment credentials or well marketed messages. I am much more interested in evidence-based approach, in which solutions are tried and the results are reported. If they failed, then we learned something. If they succeed, then we try to apply them to our patients and ourselves.

Fortunately, a byproduct of the obesity epidemic is an increase in the attention being paid to nutrition and weight loss as a serious health subject. Vigorous and reliable research labs are turning their attention to questions of metabolism and nutrition as never before. Scientists, physicians, nutritionists, epidemiologists and investigators of all kinds are increasingly focused on uncovering the science of metabolism and identifying solutions for long-term weight loss that succeeds. In the pages of the The Sasse Guide ™ blog and the newsletters and reports you will find on this site, I will endeavor to provide fair and impartial assessments of weight loss solutions that are proposed, researched, advertised and purchased. I will endeavor to be true to my patients with the sole goal in mind of providing solutions that work, information that helps an individual succeed in their weight loss journey. I encourage your feedback through the blog pages.

posted: July 4th, 2008

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