Remission Of Diabetes After Adjustable Gastric Banding Surgery

An interesting study just released looks at the long-term remission rates of type 2 diabetes mellitus after laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding.  The study reported by Dr. Samuel Sultan demonstrated that after five years of follow-up 40 percent of previously diabetic patients were now off of all diabetes medicines and had normal blood sugars and normal hemoglobin A1c levels.  In a total of 80 percent of patients the diabetes was improved (as defined by a reduction of diabetes medicine) or was totally resolved.

Not surprisingly the patients in the study who maintained the resolution of their diabetes were the same patients who maintained their weight loss over that time period and who exhibited a greater magnitude of weight loss at the five year mark.

I think what this study says about long-term resolution of diabetes after lap-band surgery is that the key is, in fact maintaining the weight loss for the long-term.  We know that the keys for maintaining that weight loss long-term are committing fully and completely to changing, adapting a new life style, participating in ongoing long-term follow-up with the bariatric surgeons office and continuing to have band fills and adjustments on a regular basis.  We also think that coaching, attendance at a support group and more active participation in activities, such as regular walking groups, contribute to the long-term success that leads to total, long-term resolution of diabetes.

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