Setting Goals For Weight Loss

Goal setting has always been a controversial subject and one about which not every single person agrees.  Some people fear the disappointment of not reaching their goals and worry that this may lead to discouragement.   Others know that without the goals in place they have nothing to shoot for, nothing to strive for that is tangible and concrete.

I believe one of the most important things is to recognize that there are different types of goals that you can set for yourself.  And I come from the school of thought that setting goals is critically important to achieve success with losing weight or any other life change.  Think of it like this.  You’d like to lose 45 pounds.  That is your target. That is your bull’s eye, so to speak.  Ask yourself this question:  What do you think your odds are of hitting a bull’s eye if you do not aim at it?

That’s right.  Your odds are essentially zero.  So think about your health, fitness and weight loss goals in the same fashion.  Make them concrete. Define them. Write them down. Then take aim.  In this case, taking aim is going to mean creating a plan, a strategy and a pact that is going to take time.  But I believe that with goals clearly established and in mind, you have a much better chance of succeeding and achieving those goals, rather than leaving the notion of “getting in shape” or “improving my fitness”, or nebulous concepts like, “improving my waistline”.  I’ll explore a little bit more about some additional goals that many of my patients have found helpful and see if those work for you as well.

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