Special Reports and Articles:

Special Reports and Articles:

Over the years Dr. Kent C. Sasse has researched a number of special topics in the field of weight loss and written articles and special reports that provide great success tools for individuals seeking to lose weight, maintain weight loss, help their friends or children with weight loss, or understand more about nutrition, exercise, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and motivational techniques to maintain healthy habits. The list of the special reports and articles follows below, and an example free special report is available to you when you sign up for Dr. Sasse’s newsletter, the Sasse Guide.

These special reports and articles cover some important subjects in greater detail and provide not only the scientific background but also practical tips and solutions in your weight loss journey. The topics cover not only weight loss for mildly overweight individuals, but also include such diverse topics as child and adolescent weight loss, safe rapid weight loss techniques, “Is weight loss surgery right for me,” and many other topics that will help you succeed in the long-term for better health and maintaining a healthier weight.

List of articles/special reports:

1. Rapid Healthy Weight Loss
2. Is Weight Loss Surgery Right for me?
3. I Have Lost the Weight, Now How do I Keep it Off?
4. What is Really the Healthiest “Diet”?
5. Which Weight Loss Surgical Procedure is Right for me?
6. Losing Weight for the Long Term with Lap Band
7. Healthy Long-Term Weight Loss with Gastric Bypass Surgery
8. Do Prescription Weight Loss Medications Really Work and are they Right for Me?
9. Treating and Curing Diabetes
10. My Metabolism has Shut Down, What Do I Do?
11. My Child is Over Weight, What Do I Do?

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posted: July 11th, 2008

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