Star Jones Gastric Bypass and Privacy

What to tell people including your friends and your boss.

As many people witnessed on Oprah, Star Jones struggled with her own decision about disclosing the fact that she did have gastric bypass surgery. Despite her public position and widespread speculation that she had had weight loss surgery, she remained mum on the subject for quite some time.  Now she has publically described her experience and the gastric bypass surgery.

As I discuss in a chapter in my book, “Outpatient Weight Loss Surgery, Safe and Successful Weight Loss with Modern Bariatric Surgery”,  these decisions about privacy and disclosure of weight loss surgery can be very challenging.  I discuss three approaches in the book including keeping the decision secret, disclosing it to everyone, and a kind of in between approach where you tell your close circle of friends, but no one else.

If you are considering undergoing weight loss surgery, it is best to think about how you want to approach these questions ahead of time.  Ask yourself what you are most comfortable with. And prepare for the questions because they will come.  Certainly, your main objective is to lose weight and become healthy, so you want to put your heart into working as hard as you can to lose the weight.  If you lose this, your hard work and determination together with the weight loss surgery will be an effective tool and your friends and family will notice some fairly dramatic results. So expect the questions.

Then share at your comfort level. The old adage that honesty is the best policy may, in fact, ultimately be where you are more comfortable.  If, however, you really do not want to disclose that you have had weight loss surgery, then give it some thought and think about how you will respond to questions about your successful weight loss.  That way you are well prepared and well versed and won’t be caught with a lot of uncomfortable or embarrassing confrontation.  On the other hand, publicly disclosing this information may subject you to the sort of misinformed judgments and prejudices of other people who really do not understand what is involved in your journey and the commitment that you have made.  So there are always some difficult aspects no matter which way you go.

The important thing is to remember that your goal of weight loss is the most important thing you can do for your health and you should not be deterred from this goal in any way because of these type concerns about “what other people will think”. Those are small secondary issues that you should acknowledge and prepare for, but not allow to take you off your course of successful weight loss journey.

To read more about this topic and some suggestions about how you might answer those questions, pick up a copy of my book!  In the meantime, keep working hard on your weight loss goals.

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