Taking Responsibility For Yourself

Weight loss is such a personal goal that only one person can truly take responsibility for it:  you.  Unlike a lot of goals and projects that might require the work of several different people cooperating, losing weight has purely to do with your mind and your body.  Only you can make the weight loss effort successful.

Other people can help.  And there are a lot of good resources that you can utilize  in this battle.  There is a growing body of helpful literature, motivational audio products, excellent books, proven techniques, and coaches, counselors and weight loss physicians who can provide guidance and support.  Partners, buddies, walking groups, support meetings and therapists can help.  But in the end, all of these extra people, forces, information and tools are only resources that you must draw upon in order to succeed in your weight loss goals.

It is a surprisingly difficult battle to successfully lose weight and keep it off. But it boils down to determination, extremely hard work, altering behaviors, making commitments, creating good habits, enduring some pain, sacrifice and hardship, and making use of the best available tools.  And all of this just to reduce the weight of our bodies.

But you can’t succeed without taking total and complete responsibility for the outcome.  No one else forces you to eat too many calories or sit on the couch.  No one forces you to have dessert or accept snacks and treats that are offered.

The great thing is that accepting total responsibility for your weight is empowering and liberating.  It is empowering because it makes you realize that you are in fact in total control of your own destiny and your own body.  It may suddenly change the way you view some of the things you have been doing.  You realize that other people are tempting you with high calories foods and drinks just like advertisements and fast food restaurants are tempting you.  But you control what you do, and you may feel much less need or desire to give in to any of those temptations.

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    No diet or weight loss program will succeed unless you make a firm commitment to yourself to achieve your weight loss goals….

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