Thank You To Joanie Greggains From KGO A.M. Radio In San Francisco

Joanie has a great health show on the radio in San Francisco called the Joanie Greggains Show and I had the great privilege of appearing as a guest on her show this morning on March 27, 2010. We talked about Life Changing Weight Loss, the book, Joanie has some great questions about the inner motivation and the need to except internal change as a foundation for losing weight and keeping it off. We also talked quite a bit about obesity prevention among children and what it takes to fight that battle.

I think one thing many people in the public don’t comprehend is that times have changed and the environment surrounding our children is quite different now than it was thirty years ago. It definitely requires a much more active battle plan to prevent our children from becoming overweight and obese. It’s not just going to happen automatically. The environment is too rich in calories and carbohydrates and the environment also deters exercise and activity to such a great extent that most children are heading toward a path to overweight and obesity as they progress to adulthood. So as parents we must take a tougher line. We must cut against the grain of the school environments, the neighborhood environments, what is going on television and at our friend’s houses. We have to eliminate sugar beverages from the household, toss out all the snacks, candies, cookies and ice cream in the pantry and freezer and make those kinds of treats special occasion treats a couple of times a month, but not an everyday or every meal occurrence. We have to encourage ways for our children to get regular exercise and this can take some creativity given the demands and time pressures that most young students face and also the safety concerns that most parents have about letting children run loose in the neighborhoods. The battle can be won it just requires determination and a real effort.

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