There is really no end to the silly things that people will spend money on if the lure of weight loss can be made attractive enough. In a recent such example the Mexican “Diet Ring” is slipped around one’s finger and produces up to 38 pounds of weight loss in one week. The ring is of course developed by “oriental scientists” and retails for 399 pesos.
Believe me, I wish with all my heart that such a thing were actually true and that I could help thousands of people in my own community and in my own practice lose weight and become healthier. The truth is more complex and a bit harder. But ultimately, there is a solution to successful, long term weight loss and you can lose weight and keep it off without wasting your money on gimmicks, fad diets and “miracle” cures and solutions that are nothing more than marketing schemes, gimmicks and somebody’s get rich quick idea.
Stick with what works, what is authentic, what has been studied and what is recommended by people who sincerely want you to get healthier.

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