I had a patient in my office the other day who asked me what I thought the hardest part about losing weight was.  It is not an easy answer, because there are so many hard parts. There is the hard part about feeling hungry, the hard part about feeling guilty, the hard part about actually choosing among the many plans and programs, the hard part about resisting temptation and sticking with a plan, the hard part about avoiding regaining the pounds once you have finally lost them … and there are about a thousand more hard parts.

But what I settled upon was the fact that the hardest part about losing weight, like any serious major long-term project, is actually starting.

Think about it.  You’ve got a huge project to complete.  I’m imaging a 50-page report or something equally monstrous like say boxing up the entire contents of your parents’ house.  It’s a daunting project, and there are a million and one reasons to avoid getting started.  You know it’s going to take forever and it’s going to be a long slog, so there is really no rush in getting to it.  This is a form of procrastination, I suppose.

Losing weight is like this, especially for a person who has to lose a serious amount of weight, say 40 pounds or more.  It’s not going to be a two-hour project or even a one-week project.  It is going to be a long-term major endeavor and it’s pretty easy to put that project off, especially with so many yummy things around to nibble on.

And to start means to really “start”.  This means taking a hard look at what needs to be done, establishing a game plan and getting to it.  I’ll describe more in future pieces about establishing that game plan, but I think that truly and seriously getting started is probably the hardest part of successful weight loss.  But like any important and worthwhile major project, one of the keys is not to be dissuaded by the enormity of the task, not to be deterred by the fact that it’s a big or long-term or challenging project with many obstacles or pitfalls.  The key is to begin because every important journey begins with the first step.

Take yours now.

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