The National World Diabetes Day and Month Being Celebrated in Nevada

The Nevada capital is adorned in blue to draw attention to diabetes, the timing couldn’t be better. More Americans than ever suffer with diabetes. Increasingly, this disease is afflicting old and young and the vast majority of cases stem from obesity. A small percentage, less than around 5% today, of all diabetes is type 1 diabetes, a condition that typically comes on in young people and is related to a loss of function of pancreatic data, islet cells and diminished insulin production. The remainder of cases stem from the complex metabolic disorder known as type 2 diabetes. Most such cases arise with weight gain and age, but today with more and more teenagers and children becoming obese, we see a dramatic rise in type 2 diabetes among young people.
Hopefully, greater awareness will lead to more resources, thoughts and effort being applied where it will yield the greatest results: in prevention. Visit for ways you can help.

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