The New Year Is Approaching, Plan Your Resolution

Don’t wait for the actual New Year to make your resolution. Make it now. Take a few minutes to think about what your goals for health and fitness are for 2010. Where do you see yourself going? What would you like to do? What fun physical activities would you do if only you could lose fifteen, twenty-five or even fifty pounds? What would it be like to feel more energy and be more active?
One of the plainest truths in the world is that we simply cannot ever hit a target unless we aim at it. And, make no mistake, losing weight takes effort and hard work, and, yes, taking aim. So New Year’s resolutions are really a form of taking aim, of setting an important goal, of setting your site on the target so that you can work to hit it.
So I recommend taking time out over the holidays when you are not frenetically running around shopping, wrapping presents or cooking holiday meals. While you are sipping your warm chocolate whey protein shake by the fire, let your mind wonder through some potential New Year’s resolutions so that when the big day comes you can choose one you have thought about carefully then commit to it and put your heart into it. I suggest that you make it a resolution that you can stick to and a resolution with a special meaning to you and a resolution that is specific. Do not resolve to “lose some weight.” Do resolve to lose twenty pounds by April 1st and do so with a medically based program regular weigh-ins and support groups.
Then create for yourself a non-food reward such as then I will take my daughters horseback riding, or then I will treat myself to a massage, or then I will buy myself that new jacket I have wanted.

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