The Title of My Weight Loss Surgery Book

I have been asked a number of times recently why I chose to call the book Outpatient weight loss surgery  and make an emphasis on this particular phenomenon of people having same day surgery or surgery at facilities where they go home the same day as the operation.  This is also called ambulatory surgery.

I chose to focus on outpatient weight loss surgery because the shift to the outpatient environment for bariatric surgery is such a profound sea-change.  Just the fact that a book could be written about outpatient weight loss surgery, in and of itself, is pretty amazing given the recent history of the field.  It was not very many years ago that bariatric surgery consisted of open operations with rather significant complication risks.  And now, to find that we have multiple minimally invasive operations that have been shown to be very effective for successful long-term weight loss, and that some of these can be performed in an outpatient environment, is pretty exciting.

There are many battles to fight in the war against obesity and the terrible health consequences of this disease.  But certainly one of them is providing effective treatment to people who have already become severely overweight and need help. Today weight loss surgery is most certainly the most effective weapon in the battle against this disease.  Millions of people a year could be helped and their lives prolonged markedly with weight loss surgery.  Most of them probably do not realize that the procedure has become so minimally invasive that it could be performed as an outpatient. So I chose to write about what I see as a real revolution in the treatment of obesity.  It has the potential to markedly change the way people feel about this treatment.  It has the potential to dispel notions from a prior era, and in so doing, bring a much needed solution to people who otherwise have very little hope of conquering obesity and finding a path to better health.

The book is meant to serve as a guide for someone who is considering weight loss surgery.  It talks in detail about steps to take to explore the weight loss surgical options, to understand all of the risks and benefits and the need and the critical steps to take to make good choices, find good surgeons and find good programs.  It talks about the other tools that are necessary to achieve success.  And the book also serves as a chronicle of this dramatic change in the treatment of obesity.

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