The Value of Multidisciplinary Follow Up After Weight Loss Surgery

Well, that’s really a mouthful!  But what does it mean?  Multidisciplinary means that professionals with different areas of expertise can offer helpful guidance after your weight loss surgery.  This finding is supported by several research studies that have recently reported their data in addition to our own clinical experience at Western Bariatric Institute and iMetabolic.

After weight-loss surgery we have found that the people who succeed in losing weight best and maintaining their weight loss, do follow up with our multidisciplinary team.  So what are some of those “disciplines” and how do they help?

Well, one of them is with our medical staff. This includes the doctors, the bariatric surgeons, in addition to the physician assistants, nurse practitioners and registered nurses.  This group of people has a medical or clinical focus thinking about health problems related to obesity as well as potential health problems that might result as people return year after year.  They also understand things like vitamin deficiency and future risks for people who have had weight-loss surgery.

Another discipline is dietary.  So a registered dietitian can offer insights into improved eating behaviors, food choices, meal planning and so forth.

Another discipline is eating behaviorists or psychologists.  This is a group of professionals who focus on what really goes on above the shoulders and between the ears.  This is where some of the best work is often accomplished, with people learning to avoid temptations, identifying their “triggers”, finding better coping mechanisms other than food, and generally working on psychological strategies that allow reduction of carbohydrate and calorie intake.

In addition to all of these, follow up with support groups, with lay people, as well as motivational life coaches, and exercise therapists and personal fitness trainers are all exceedingly valuable in keeping the momentum going and promoting and maintaining the weight loss.

All of these concepts are covered in more detail and with more specificity in the recently released e-book entitled, “After Weight Loss Surgery”.  I highly recommend it as a way to add some very valuable guidance to your journey after weight loss surgery.  I wish you the greatest success in your weight loss journey.

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