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For those of you in the Northern Nevada or Lake Tahoe region, I have completed a TV interview on the subject of the emerging technological frontiers in weight loss surgery, to air within a week or two with Wendy Damonte, the anchor of Channel 2 – KTVN.

I discuss some of the recent breakthroughs occurring in the field of weight loss surgery and in revision weight loss surgery. A number of exciting developments have evolved over just the last year or two. Among these is the emergence of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy as a viable, effective alternative to gastric bypass or gastric banding. While not perfect, sleeve gastrectomy offers an intermediate choice and is also a laparoscopic or minimally invasive operation. It appears to have good weight loss results, though we do not have good long-term data beyond a few years. There are, of course, risks and side effects including risks of nausea, indigestion and reflux or heartburn symptoms.

In addition, I talk about revision of gastric bypass surgery and stretched pouches that I am now doing with an endoscopic technique, with no incisions whatsoever. The medical device is called StomaphyX, made by Endogastric Solutions, a company aimed at reducing the invasiveness of gastrointestinal surgical procedures. This emerging technology appears to hold promise for reduction or shrinkage of stretched pouches that may reinvigorate weight loss. Thus far the patients for whom I have performed the Stomaphyx procedure in this region are losing weight and feeling satiety again!

I also mention the REALIZE gastric band and how it will compete with the LapBand in the years to come.  Both are outpatient procedures done laparoscopically with good long term weight loss results.

There are many other exciting developments in the field of weight loss surgery including trials that are ongoing with intragastric balloon and the electronic gastric pacemakers. These two technologies hold some promise, but in their current form do not appear likely to have a great impact due to side effects and limited effectiveness. But often one technology spawns newer and better technology and that may be the case with these.

I will update you on the time of the broadcast and thank you for tuning in.

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