Vitamin B6 After Weight Loss Surgery

I have a few more posts about vitamin deficiencies. Today I want to briefly discuss Vitamin B6.
Vitamin B6 is known as pyridoxine and it is present as a water-soluble vitamin in meats, as well as beans, some legumes, whole grains, and some nuts. B6 is rarely tested for, but it turns out that many of us are deficient in vitamin B6 and if we were to test everyone prior to surgery, we would find that probably at least several percent of our patients considering weight loss surgery actually already have deficiencies in vitamin B6. It becomes more deficient after gastric bypass surgery or other malabsorptive operations, but not as commonly as a vitamin B12 deficiency. It is generally included in the standard multivitamin that we recommend everybody take. This is not a very common vitamin deficiency as a result of a weight loss surgery. Not something people considering a bariatric procedure generally need to worry about specifically.

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