Vitamin K And Vitamin E Deficiency After Weight Loss Surgery

Vitamin K is one the fat soluble vitamins. It is generally present in green, leafy vegetables like spinach. Deficiencies of vitamin K result in specific problems related to blood clotting, so our circulating blood consists of the cells, but also a number of proteins that bind together to create blood clotting and stop us from bleeding if we have a cut or an injury. So with a vitamin K deficiency, that mechanism of creating blood clots is damaged and it leads to prolonged bleeding with bruising and sometimes bleeding of the gums and other sites. Vitamin K deficiency is rare except again after the malabsorptive procedures like the biliopancreatic diversion or the old jejunoileal bypass. It is not commonly seen at all after gastric bypass surgery or Lap-Band surgery. It is not tested routinely. We don’t generally recommend routinely testing vitamin K levels, but if you’ve had had one of those highly malabsorptive procedures then vitamin K deficiency could result. The same can be said for vitamin E. Vitamin E is another of the fat soluble vitamins. It too is found among green, leafy vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds and some vegetable oils. Vitamin E deficiencies are very rare and they generally would result in symptoms related to the nervous system. It is not generally tested, nor is it necessary to monitor it or have specific supplementation of vitamin E, but again, it is helpful to be on the radar screen for people who are having a lot of problems with absorption of fats either due to medications or due to a malabsorptive weight loss procedure.

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